Encyclopedia Project

VOLUME 1 | A - E

Editors: Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis & Kate Schatz
Publisher: Encyclomedia
PubDate: 6/1/2006
ISBN: 9780977344307
Price: $25.00
Pages: 336

This volume features over 150 entries by 114 writers and artists, including an entry on KATHY ACKER in the form of a rebus by Anna Joy Springer; an entry on ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL by Rebecca Brown; a collaborative entry for BABBLE by Robert Gl├╝ck and Jocelyn Saidenberg; Eileen Myles's one sentence entries for BUTCH, ANECDOTE, and EMPIRICAL; an entry on EPIC by Samuel R. Delany; DEADLINE from Carolee Schneemann; DIARY by The Quails' Julianna Bright; and ESSENTIALISM by kari edwards. Other contributors to Volume I include Brian Evenson, Thalia Field, Susan Bernstein, Joanna Howard and Michael Gizzi.